My favorite things…

This year, I decided to compile a list of my favorite holiday gifts. There is (literally) something for everyone in this guide.

My Favorite Things

I love books.  Especially cookbooks.  I’m practically addicted and have WAY too many to fit in my little office.  But I consider myself a collector and here are some from my personal library that I think you might really enjoy.  On a personal note, Main Street Vegan was the very first book I ever read regarding veganism and I found it extremely helpful getting started on this path.


What do I love MORE than cookbooks?  Shoes.  Specifically running shoes and Mizuno has become one of my all-time favorites.  I’ve had a few requests for mens wallets, belts and gifts so there are a few options here as well.  I’m kind of obsessed with that cork makeup tote!


I am a HUGE dog lover.  Well, animal lover would be more appropriate.  I used to work at an animal clinic for quite some time and after selling just about every prescription diet, I chose Natural Balance Vegetarian (it’s actually vegan).  My three little pups absolutely devour it and I feel better about not feeding them animal parts.  If you have a cat, it can be a bit more tricky feeding a vegetarian diet, so please consult with your vet.


Additionally, there are a few rescues that are near and dear to my heart.  I am not affiliated in any way, shape or form.  I just love what they do.  In the coming months, I’ll be talking more about these and other organizations like them.  They are always in need of money to buy hay to get them through the winter months & also medical care, so if you are able…consider donating to one of the following or your local animal shelter or rescue group.

The Gentle Barn

Farm Sanctuary

Barn Sanctuary

No list would be complete without items to round out your vegan pantry.  I thought I’d include some you may not know about.  Or maybe you live in parts of the world where these things are difficult to find.  What would we do without  I don’t ever want to find out 🙂


Lastly, if you know me…you know my other obsession is kitchen stuff.  I love kitchen stuff 🙂  Here are some items I reference often in my posts.


*Some of the products in this post contain affiliate links.